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Clinical EBM Websites 


A novel EBM site that provides a service to physicians by answering clinical questions posted on-line . Many topics are clinically relevant to EM and may be worth a look.  Authors provide levels of evidence and links to their sources.  

Best Bets 

EMJC has recommended using the the Best Bets format to our residents when constructing their CATS (critically appraised topics). BETs were developed in the Emergency Department of Manchester Royal Infirmary, UK, to provide rapid evidence-based answers to real-life clinical questions, using a systematic approach to reviewing the literature.    


Here you will find some of the best Essays on EBM and Clinical Statistics. "Bandolier is a website about the use of evidence in health, healthcare, and medicine. It sounds easy, but it isn't. Wherever you look people are making decisions on the basis of belief (never a good idea), or on evidence that is flawed. What is on this site may help understand how easy it is to be misled." 

CAT Crawler  

A search engine that finds previously published CATS from eight different websites that post CATS. Maybe we can get ours added!

Cochrane Library (abstracts only)

Truly considered the "gold standard" for systematic reviews for treatment/therapy. There are hundreds of topics in a searchable database with free access restricted to abstracts only. Most institutions will own a subscription however. If you find a current review regarding your topic of interest you will have struck gold as these are extensively researched reviews. This is a database that all EBM enthusiasts should be familiar with.            

Provides an on-line textbook experience that covers an incredibly broad range of topics. So, yes you will find Moya Moya. Unlike paper textbooks, the editors are able to update their topics annually. If you need quick information in a textbook format this is the place to go.      

Peds-CCM Journal Club

An extensive database for pediatric critical care medicine. They have hundreds of critical appraisals of peer reviewed articles in both the pediatric and adult literature.   


A "meta-search" engine that searches multiple online databases and returns a customized list - that can be further refined - of retrievable documents. From the University of Texas at San Antonio 

Trip Database
This is a powerhouse of an EBM search engine. Results are categorized by the use of an impressive array of filters. For this learner it is a Top 5 All-time EBM website pick.  

U. Michigan Evid.-Based Peds JC 
Another JC website with a host of CATS listed by subject area.  
Bandolier Extra
Bandolier Extra contains some of the best essays on a host of specific topics including; What are confidence intervals, Understanding bias, Diagnostic studies, NNT's. The authors also do a great job covering a broad range of clinical subjects and provide systematic reviews of treatments, evidence about diagnosis, epidemiology or health economics.

Center For Evidence Based Medicine
CEBM is a great resource for EBM instruction. From their website "Our broad aim is to develop, teach and promote evidence-based health care  and provide support to anyone who wants to make use of them."

Center for Health Evidence
CHE has posted the original articles regarding EBM and the Users Guide to Evidence Based Practice originally published in JAMA in 1993-1994. These articles are where it all started. These is an updated users guide that can be found here but you will need access to JAMA's website in order to gain access to the latest version of the Users Guide.

Emergency Medicine Teaching Files (Editor's Favorites)

Over 10,000 dermatologic images that are searchable from Hopkins. Pretty impressive find. Check out their search page which allows you to enter the characteristics of your patients rash and then presents a DDx. Great resource for attendings who hate to hedge.      

Pediatric Radiology
Pediatric Imaging Digital library from the Virtual Pediatric Hospital

A radiology website with an extensive teaching file database and access to free CME

Fee-For-Service EBM Links

ACP Journal Club
Selects topical articles that report original studies and systematic reviews that warrant immediate attention by physicians attempting to keep pace with important advances in medicine. The articles are summarized and commented on by clinical experts.

BMJ's Clinical Evidence
One of the better commercial EBM websites. Provides frequently updated systematic reviews that summarize the current state of knowledge and uncertainty about the prevention and treatment of clinical conditions. 

Cochrane Library(full access)
The "gold Standard" for EBM systematic reviews.

JAMA's Rational Clinical Exam
A collection of systematic reviews on the precision and accuracy of specific elements of the physical exam.